Monday, 27 February 2012

Day 4: From Above to Beyond the Depths

The Bird Team had quite a successful day with over 600 individual sightings recorded. These included 2 blue fulmars, approximately 87 great skuas, numerous gannets, kittiwakes, fulmars, and less black-headed gulls. Last night the Zooplankton Team covered 5 stations with the deepest CTD launched to 2,187m. Very similar species were found in the shallower depths as the previous night. Two small deep dermsal fish and cornate jellyfish were also found. An interesting find was seeing 50+ garfish feeding on gobies under the lights near the surface as well as some metre long squid. Tonight this team hopes to conduct 4 more stations and reach the depth of 3,000m.

Our current position is 158 nautical miles off Ireland, 196 nautical miles off Land's End, England and 240 nautical miles off France. A distance of 100 nautical miles was covered by the hydrophone today and it is this same trackline where the CTDs and plankton hauls will be launched tonight.

Blog done by Teresa Martin 

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