Saturday, 25 February 2012

Day 2: "Sighting!...."

We are half way through our effort for today and have recorded over 10 cetacean sightings. Most of these are of Common dolphins with a few Bottlenose dolphins as well. 2 of these sightings had Common and Bottlenose dolphins individuals grouped together, which is a rare sight. Even more important is that for the majority of these sightings, calves were present within the pods. 

The Bird Team have also been kept busy with sightings of gannets, kittiwakes, lesser black-headed gulls, a few skuas, and even a puffin. Pictures were taken of these cetacean and bird sightings which will be posted this evening.

Our current location is 140 nautical miles South of Mizen Head. Tonight we will be coming back on the track line for deployment of CTDs needed for phytoplankton and jellyfish analysis. 

Check back later for more updates. 

Blog done by Teresa Martin

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